I Had a Rhinoplasty Operation Done 3 Years Ago but the Tip of my Nose Still Feel Swollen and Isnt Completely Refined

I need help! I want to get the tip of my nose more refined as it still feel swollen 3 years following surgery! I dont understand why this is, im not sure if the hardness i can feel at the tip of my nose is cartilage or scar tissue!? please help me. Thanks

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Three years after Rhinoplasty

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Three years after rhinoplasty what your probably feeling is a bit of cartilage and scar tissue, definitely not swelling. You may need some more refinement of your tip,which may include tip defatting and/or cartilage grafting. I have a dedicated website for African American Rhinoplasty that explains tip refinement.

Rhinoplasty after 3 years still "swollen".

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Rhinoplasty after 3 years still "swollen" is caused by the thickness of the skin and will not change with more time. A revision and thinning of the skin and narrowing of the tip is the only way to treat this. Make sure you see an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon for this.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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