Rhinoplasty - Oily skin type issue

I understand that oily skin types take longer to heal. If I change my oily skin type by using tea tree products from 'Body Shop', will that help my recovery? Apparently, it takes about 6 weeks for your skin type to change.

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Rhinoplasty with Oily skin

Dear New Scientist, I am sure I answered some earlier posts from you as I recognize the scientist name! I do not think your skin type matters as far as oily or dry skin, what is prevalent is that most patients with oily skin have a tendency to have thicker skin. Patients with thicker skin have a tendency for the swelling to dissipate a bit slower then some patients with thinner skin. I would not concern yourself with this and stay on your current skin care regimen before your rhinoplasty. You do not want any irritation to the skin prior to surgery. Best regards, Michael v. Elam, M.D.

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Oily skin and rhinoplasty

The thickness of the skin on the nose is a contributing factor to the final result that may be possible through rhinoplasty.

The skin needs to redrape over the newly formed cartilage framework so the thinner the skin the better the redraping and the finer the definition that can be achieved by the final result.

Thick skin is often due to a large number of sebaceous glands so thick skin and oily skin go hand in hand. Although addressing the oiliness of skin is possible altering the thickness is more difficult if not impossible.

Healthy skin though is a good thing in terms of healing so educing the oiliness of skin may aid post op recovery, but is unlikley to affect the final result of the rhinoplasty greatly.

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Skin Type and Healing


Having oily skin should not necessarily make you heal any faster or slower than someone with non-oily skin.  Having oily skin is due to over active sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin, so products with tea tree oil may help with overall skin management, but will not change the physiology of your skin.  I would recommend you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss possible rhinoplasty surgery, and at that time, any concerns you have about healing may be addressed by the physician.

Best of luck!

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Rhinoplasty - Oily skin type issue

Hello again New Scientist

The healthier the skin the better it heals. And so many patients, like yourself, who have seen me for other issues, always want to look after their skin. This is part of the reason my practice got involved with medical-grade skincare some years ago. Good skincare is always worth it, especially at this stage for you. It can certainly help your skintype, although completely changing it is a bot more dubious.

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Rhinoplasty - Oily skin type issue

Thanks for the question. The oily skin in fact is an issue, but not the oil in it.Oily skin in relation to mean that it has enlarged hypertrophied skin glands making it think which will hide the change that are made during surgery in the shape of infrasctures of nose namely the shape of bones and the cartilages.This cannot change by using tea tree oil for 6 weeks time.Its genetic part of being and must be assessed by your PS that will tell you if rhinoplasty will end into the results that you like.

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