HELP! Rhinoplasty Done, Nose (Still) Turns to my Left and Hump There?

15 days post op today; rhinoplasty done to remove hump, raise tip and straighten nose. PS said he broke my nose two places(!?), shaved the nasal, used cartledge graft to make the tip up: underneath the nose, on the tip and on top of it. My nose was a little slanted to my left b/fore and one nostril was a bit more collapsed than the other (this was the main objective to fix). post op: swelling, callous hump there still, tip up but really swollen, but nose STILL slanted to left. will it get better?

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Nose still slanted after Revision Rhinoplasty

 While swelling can be significant in the nasal tip 15 days after a Revision Rhinoplasty and will resolve over the following 6-12 months, the deviation, slated or curved nature of the nose may not cahnge.  The healing mechanism after a Rhinoplasty does not magically right a crooked section.  This, IMHO, is very likely to remain crooked, deviated or slanted once the nose is healed.

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Will it get better? We have no photos to look at, so we have no idea what you are referring to. But definitely the swelling will go down with time so that will get better.  The slanted part maybe, maybe not. But all you can do at this point is wait. Try not to over analyse your nose so much because even if you liked it at this point it's going to change.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

Without before and after pictures, it is impossible for us to give you specific advice.  Just a few weeks into recovery, it is too early to start getting worried.  Hopefully you carefully chose your plastic surgeon and can work closely with them during your recovery period.


Good Luck.

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15 days post-op

15 days post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - some asymmetries will improve with time while others may get worse

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