Tip Plasty for Improving the Appearance of Fatty Nostrils?

I'm Middle Eastern and have a bulbous nose. I just want a smaller tip with refined nostrils to match (the bridge is fine). My plastic surgeon prefers to leave my nostrils alone and just work on the tip; but I'm concerned about my nostrils looking out of place with a smaller tip. My nostrils are not big nor flaring, the alar-nasal crease is just too high up, making my nose look short and fat from frontal view. So I just want to reduce the height of my nostrils from the top as well as make them look less fat. Is this possible?

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Tip plasty is possible, but less is more

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It is possible to reduce the fullness of the ala or to adjust its shape. However, this requires additional scars which may be visible.

In general, especially when it comes to the nostrils, "Less is More." Every procedure and manuever has its risks. The risks of operating on the nostrils are asymmetry, irregularities and visible obvious scars. A surgeon has to decide if they think the small benefit of the changes to the nostril outweigh these potential risks. it sounds like your surgeon feels that the risks don't outweigh the small benefit. If he/she felt that it would really improve the result, they would probably do it.

Improving the tip will go a long way. This will make the most difference in the appearance.

If you're still not sure, request a follow up consultation to discuss this in more detail. Your surgeon should be able to explain exactly why they don't recommend it.

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Not easy to reduce nostrils

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Although this may sound like a simple undertaking, it may be difficult to achieve without unacceptable scars placed on the outside of the nose.

Reducing flared nostrils is an easier procedure because the scars can be concealed in the alar -facial or alar-labial groove. 

Middle Eastern Noses

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Treatment of the classic Middle Eastern nose requires the careful application of  techniques and the combination of techniques to address the specific physical characteristics of their noses. Have a consultation with a surgeon who is experienced in Middle Eastern noses.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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