Second Rhinoplasty - Nose Tip Has a Bump and Hardness in One Side and Not in the Other? (photo)

I had my first rhinoplasty 18 months ago, but I developed fibrosis in my nosetip reason why I had to go through a second rhinoplasty, but in this case was only for the tip. I had this second surgery 2 months ago, my surgeon told me to keep my nose taped for 1 month, but the tape didn't cover the whole nose tip. After I took off the tape I felt the left side of my nose tip bumpy and hard, so I am wondering if it might have fibrosis again, is there any way to check this? can I get rid of this?

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2 Months and Hardness of Tip after Revision Rhinoplasty

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    At 2 months, the scar has not had time to soften.  If this is still an issue in several months to a year, a revision can be considered.  Kenneth Hughes, MD revision rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

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