Nose Tip Still Too Full After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty 3 weeks and 3 days ago and although the nose is shorter and the width around the nostril area is narrower, the side profile and front view of the nose is still very full.

Will this tip area of the nose reduce substantially within 3 or 6 months? As the tip looks too wide and very bulbous, it ruins the overall shape of the nose.

I know it takes time. I just worry that the tip won’t go down enough. At the present it’s not that different to what it looked like before the op.

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Too soon to know how your nose will look

The nasal swelling, especially the tip, will take 6-12 months to subside after Rhinoplasty. Strenuous exercise will increase the swelling in the first few months. Relax and be patient.

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Nasal tip swelling following Rhinoplasty


Thanks for the question. Nasal tip swelling following a rhinoplasty can have a prolonged course, especially if an "open" procedure was performed. You can expect to have an element of swelling for no less that 12 to 18 months.

I would recommend not fixating on it, as, at 3 weeks out from surgery, you are still in the infancy of the healing process. Also, although I do not have the luxury of personally examining you or viewing your pre-operative pictures, the thickness of your nasal tip will also impart just how much tip definition you will definitively have. Notably, if you have thick, sebaceous nasal tip skin, you can expect to have less than "crisp" nasal tip definition.

Hope this helped!

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One needs to be very patient

Since it has only been three weeks since your rhinoplasty surgery, it is still impossible to tell the final extent of the healing process. One needs to be very patient since it is a long and slow healing process with full healing after a rhinoplasty taking one year. There will be fullness, especially in the tip of the nose since lymphatics tend to have to regenerate, and the fluid tends to get trapped in the tip and supratip area of the nose. Cortisone injections in the first few months postoperative period can help with this swelling. The nose will not look much different three weeks after the surgery than it did in its preoperative condition.

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