Is Rhinosplasty Needed to Make Nose Sides Symmetrical?

One side of my nose is longer than the other; the cartilage at the end of the right side of my nose extends beyond the other side. Is there any way I can deal with this? Would removing the excess cartilage require a scheduled Rhinoplasty, or is there a risky-but-possible home method?

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Making Nose Symmetrical

The nose is a highly complex structure and therefore an in person consultation with a nose expert can help answer what is the best method to provide symmetry to your nose.

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Nasal Asymmetry

There is no home remedy to correct your asymmetry. The offending cartilage must be repositioned or trimmed to improve nasal appearance. Schedule a consultation to discuss your alternatives.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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There is no at-home remedy, but many scams exist.

There is no at-home remedy for reshaping the adult nose. There are, however, several nonsense products that claim to be able to reshape the nose. They generally consist of overpriced clamps and clips and other garbage. One need only Google a little bit to find such devices as "Nose Huggies."

Nose Huggies's website in particular is amazing. It is replete with egregious spelling errors such as "individual results will very" and testimonials from supposed plastic surgeons who--for guys smart enough for medical school--seem astonishingly unable to spell: "cartilage is a flexible matrix made of callogen. Suspiciously, this same spelling error is repeated by a different doctor on their website "a flexible material made of callogen." And these supposed surgeons have equally idiotic command of grammar with such run-ons as:

"The first time someone sees a product like this they're probably going to laugh, however, as funny and ridiculous as this product may seem to someone, in theory it is going to work, because of the fact that 75% of cartilage is made up of water and can be altered with regular pressure which will redistribute the cartilage, in this case being how the user desires."

And of course, Nose Huggies has no phone number or physic an address by which to contact them (or research who they really are).

[Maybe the site owner will see this message and change the website, but I suspect not.] ;-)

Don't fall prey to scam artists.


David C. Pearson, MD
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You probably need a rhinoplasty

Without seeing photos, it's hard to tell what specific maneuvers you require. That being said, there is no nonoperative method of reducing excessive nasal cartilage. Even if there were a "risky-but-possible" home method to correct excessive, asymmetric nasal cartilage, no responsible physician could recommend it.

Best of luck.

Sam Jejurikar, MD
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