Second Rhinoplasty for Hard Crusts in Nose?

Ever since my first Rhinoplasty surgery I have been getting these very hard crusts (that sometimes prohibit breathing) in one side of my nose; the side of my nose that has a dent in it. I also get these horrible headaches that originate from the location of the dent. Are these hard crusts and headaches are normal, and if I should have a revision surgery to correct the issues?

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Do you have a septal perforation? Atrophic rhinitis?

Several problems can occur postoperatively that can create persistent crusting in the nose.

The most common of these is a septal perforation--a hole in the midline partition of the nose. Depending on its size and location, a perforated septum can sometimes be closed, but the surgery to do so can be moderately complex.

Another possibility is that of atrophic rhinitis, which can arise if too much turbinate tissue has been removed. This, unfortunately, has no particularly good solution other than constant hydration with various nasal sprays.

Crusts, if they impinge on other structures in the nose, can occasionally create so-called rhinologic headaches, but there are many, many other causes of headache and face pain unrelated to the nose.

What has your surgeon said?


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Fixing hard crusts in the nose after a rhinoplasty

It may be that you have a small area within your nose that is having difficulty healing and thus producing these hard crusts. Your best bet is to receive consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will thoroughly examine the outside and inside of your nose. They can determine what is the underlying cause for these crusts and can recommend a small procedure to help address this issue.

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Nasal Crusts

How long ago was your original surgery? There are multiple possible causes of the crusting. The easiest and most efficient way to answer your question is to schedule a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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