Rhinoplasty - Nonsurgical Options?

I have had three rhinoplasties. This last one is perfect except that the skin looks especially thick (mostly around the alar). I feel that part of this is because of scar tissue. I don't want another rhinoplasty. Since my last procedure was two and a half years ago are there any nonsurgical treatments/injectables that are an option? Kenalog? Thanks

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Rhinoplasty - Nonsurgical Options?

I would caution you on using anything such as kenalog in the alar rim region until your last rhinoplasty has healed for a full year.  The skin is think compared to other regions of the nose but is mostly made and consists of fibrofatty cartilage and connective tissue.  Steriod injections will act to thin the skin ...but may exacerbate the underlying fullness deep to this region.  One option that is slighly more conservative and more predictably uniform in the result compared to kenalog injections would be to consider an Obagi blue peel.  This is a moderate peel that has little downside and would improve the situation in a modest fashion.  This may be all you'll need.  Make an appointment to see a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon to have an opinion rendered and go from there.  Good luck!

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