Revision Rhinoplasty- Columella Strut, Rib Cartilage- No External Splint?

hi im due to have a columella strut placed using rib cartilegde next week. i was wondering. is there anyway to request i dont have a big splint placed on my nose as im not having any work done on my bridge? i havnt told my perents im having this done and would like to recover at him without looking like ive been hit my a truck. i understand i will have internal splints and a mild packing for a day as ive had this procedure before.

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Rhinoplasty and columella strut

Depending upon what exactly is done, you probably need a splint.  Especially if the soft tissue of the nose is elevated off of the framework.  If you are recuperating at home with family it will be obvious either way.

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Nasal Splint Following Surgery


If you are only having a columellar strut placed, you will usually not need a splint. It would be best for you to speak with your surgeon, as he/she will be able to provide you with advice. Thank you, and I hope this helps.


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