Rhinoplasty - Nasion/Subnasale Length

I am considering a rhinoplasty operation and was wondering if it is possible with this procedure to decrease/shorten the nasion to subnasale length? ie. the vertical length of the nose - if you were to take a straight on photograph, shortening the actual distance between the two points? Nothing extreme, maybe a few mms? Thanks

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Rhinoplasty to change shorten nose

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In the majority of rhinoplasty cases, it is possible to shorten the nose. This is done by removable of the hump and can be addressed with a higher hump removal that tends to shorten the nose even more. The amount of cartilage and bone that is removed from the hump is usually just a few millimeters.

Shortening the Nose

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The nose is frequently shortened during rhinoplasty surgery, using various techniques dictated by your individual needs. An experienced surgeon will discuss your alternatives during consultation.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty is an Art

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There are a variety of techniques that we routinely use to shorten the long nose. The "short" answer is that  it  is possible. However, Rhinoplasty is an art and science. Considering the proportions of your nose and face is of extreme importance to give you most natural and attractive result that you can possibly have. Please consult an experienced plastic surgeon with passion for rhinoplasty.

Hope that you find this helpful.

Shortening the Nose in Rhinoplasty

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Yes this can be done and depending your nose the technique that suits your nose best would be done.  This may including many different options.

I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon to go over your options.

Good luck.

Rhinoplasty to shorten the nose.

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Yes, this can be done and there are several ways to do this depending on other issues and the anatomy of your nose. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and evaluate his long term results and see live patients.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose job for a long nose

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Shortening the nose during rhinoplasty is a common procedure. This can be done numerous ways depending on your anatomy and current nasal concerns. Rasping down the nasion or slightly rotating the tip are just two of many ways to do this.

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