Rhinoplasty - 3 Months Post Op?

Hi, I'm 3 months post op from an open rhinoplasty and not overly happy with the results, to explain: The bridge after the splint being removed (1 week post op) was very defined and straight - since then however, the bridge has grown and appears to be continuing to grow, and the actual bridge is becoming more pronounced again! I've spoke with my surgeon and he advised this is normal and it will decrease after a year - I do trust my surgeon but I find this hard to believe - is this correct?

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Bridge increasing in size post-rhinoplasty

If the change started after the surgery then be assured that the dorsum/bridge is not “growing” again. I suspect it is swelling and scar thickening. Most of it will resolve soon and certainly by a year. Massage and compression will help. If your surgeon hasn't recommended you implement these practices, you may want to ask him/her about it.

Good luck!

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3 months after rhinoplasty

In general, the final result of your rhinoplasty may not be evident for 18-24 months following surgery. 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months and the remainder goes down over time. It is not uncommon for changes to take place while you are healing. I would give it some time, and see how you continue to heal. I would recommend communicating any additional concerns to your surgeon, as he/she knows the details of your surgery and exactly what was performed. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your recovery. 

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Allow the nose to heal

The nose after a rhinoplasty can undergo many changes.  It is best to wait one full year to assess the final results. The nose can change and remodel over time.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery


Thank you for your recent inquiry and please know this is a common question and concern discussed on real self quite often. It does take time for the nose to recover from surgery and while 70% of the swelling reduces typically during the first three to five months there is still residual swelling that takes an entire year to completely dissipate. When the splint is removed this swelling is limited and becomes more apparent over the next few days. Have patience and continue your trust in your surgeon. He/She will know best where you are in your personal recovery phase based upon your procedure, skin type etc.. and should advise you accordingly!! Wishing you a quick stress free recovery. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D,.

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Open Rhinoplasty at 3 Months - Growing Dorsum?

       The dorsum may well be swollen at this time.  It is fairly easy to ascertain whether this is the case.  Gentle pressure and assessment of contour usually gives a good answer.  Also, if the cast came off and the dorsum looked good, this is a good indication that the dorsum will look good.  Occasionally, localized swelling or exuberant scar may respond to local steroid injection, but everyone has different ideas about this - not without risks such as skin thinning.

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