Rhinoplasty 6 Months Ago Now Have Headaces

I had a rhinoplasty 6 months ago after having my nose broken by a patient a work. I had the bridge of my nose shattered and some of the cartliage on the left side broken and had an open tip rhinoplasty to fix it. I recently had my 6 month follow up and aske if it's normal to be getting headaches still. I've only been getting headaches since the surgery, surgery wasn't bodge I'm happy with the outcome just not happy with the headaches. Is this normal.

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Headaches after head injury

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It is unfortunately not uncommon to have persistent headaches for months after a head injury like the one you experiences when your face/nose were traumatized

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Headaches after rhinoplasty

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Hi Amy,


My first thought is that the impacted bone fragments (eventhough it's repaired) could be compressing some part of your nasal anatomy like your middle turbinate.  Have a good ENT look up your nose with a scope or get a CT scan.  It could just be inflammation, even at 6 months post.


Hope that helps


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Headaches after rhinoplasty.

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Pinpointing the cause of a headache may be very difficult. Even with your history, the cause may not be found, and the headaches may improve with time. However, certain things must be explored to ensure the headaches are not caused by these. I agree with follow up with an ENT, and getting a full exam to assess for potential CSF leaks, impacted bone fragments, or an undiagnosed fracture somewhere else in the head, among other many potential causes.



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