Best rhinoplasty method for natural looking Asian nose

I am still confused about what rhinoplasty procedure is the best for myself (I am Asian). I want natural looking, not too high bridge, and more defined tip (but not a pinched tip). I hope i don't need to take out my implant over years. I provide my pictures and my photoshopped picture showing the result i wanted. Thank you in advance. Hope i can make a final decision from here.

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Different Techniques in Asian Rhinoplasty

While all rhinoplasty techniques are designed to address the appearance of the nose, some lend themselves better to the anatomical structures of the Asian nose.  Ethnic rhinoplasty poses its own challenges because skin, bone, and cartilage structure all differ among ethnic groups. In ethnic rhinoplasty, I actually utilize an implantless technique that grafts cartilage and tissue from other areas of the patient’s body to augment the nose. Since Asian patients tend to have lower bridges, nasal implants may shift over time and not yield the most natural results due to the weight of the implant. It is important to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with both traditional and ethnic rhinoplasty to help guide you in achieving your goals.

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Best rhinoplasty method for natural looking Asian nose

I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years, including Rhinoplasty for Asians and from the photos you provided a straight silastic dorsal implant along with a conchal cartilage ear graft for tip definition and support would be required, IMO.

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