Removing Massive Scars from Previous Rhinoplasty Surgeries?

My nose is thicker and fatter after 3 Rhinoplasty surgeries (maybe build up of scar tissue)? I have seen pictures of patients who have undergone surgery that many times, but with slim noses and none of this fatness. Why is this so? How can this be corrected? How would you correct the problem where the border of alar cartilage is seen on side view as very thick unnatural skin? How can a rotated tip be lowered? A reply would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Scar tissue from multiple rhinoplasties

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After three rhinoplasty surgeries, you indeed have significant buildup of the scar tissue inside the nose. Some of that can be removed and the nose can be thinned down and made slimmer. There are some corrections that can be performed along the alar cartilages, but it is very difficult to thin down thick, oily skin. A tip that has been over-rotated upwards can be brought down with some cartilage grafts and full transfixion incision, but it can be rather difficult since you have had three previous rhinoplasties with extensive scarring. Make sure you look for a surgeon who has performed thousands of rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgeries.

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Scar tissue after rhinoplasty

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Hi, it's hard to assess if the fullness you are seeing is secondary to scar tissue, but it is certainly possible after three prior rhinoplasties. Some people will produce more scar tissue than others, which is why you will notice some variation in results. Also, thicker skin will give a fuller appearance which cannot be altered with surgery. Some patients who have undergone multiple nose surgeries will have thin noses if they have had significant amounts of cartilage removed, which may not be the case with your surgeries. A rotated tip can be lowered, but in the setting of so much prior surgery this will be very challenging. I would recommend finding a surgeon who is very experienced with secondary rhinoplasty who can address these issues with you. Good luck.

It sounds like you have a really poor result.

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This is not what you want to hear, and I am sorry. Without seeing you, it sounds like you have a very difficult problem. I have a lot of experience with rhinoplasty in Manhattan, and inspite of that, I almost never tackle a nose that's had 4 previous operations.There are people that specialize in this sort of thing in the US. But I don't know anyone in the UK.

Could you possibly live with it? Try contacting the British Plastic Surgery Society.

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