Rhinoplasty, lip lift, neck lift, am i a good candidate? (photo)

hello, bad photo, no makeup, bad angle, etc. i am 47, rhino 17 years ago. i went to a board certified surgeon who was very conservative about how much change he would make. after surgery, he told me that my skin was thick and said he could go back and do another surgery. very disappointed. nose has gotten progressively more crooked, one nasal passage closed. i am overweight now so i think it is best to lose weight before surgery as i gain a lot in my face as you can see. what can be done? thanks

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Revision surgery

need more views to better evaluate your nose . But, you will likely need revision surgery for functional and cosmetic reasons. Get several opinions. As to your lips, no surgical lift. Consider fillers and perhaps and implant later. Evaluate your neck after you lost some weight although submental fat is often resistant to weight loss and will need to be addressed later with liposuction.

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Rhinoplasty, lip lift, neck lift, am i a good candidate?

My best advise is see OIN PERSON a few boarded Pss to fully understand the surges planned for you..

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Rhinoplasty, lip lift, neck lift, am i a good candidate?

I think that the revision rhinoplasty with a necklift are both reasonable. I would not recommend a lip lift. There are other options to create this effect without the scarring associated.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Revision Rhinoplasty, Lip Lift, and Neck Lift in San Francisco

Thank you for the questions and your photo. With thicker skin, achieving a refined tip can be a challenge. That said, there are specific techniques that are performed during the surgery and treatments after the surgery that can maximize the tip definition. In terms of straightening the nose, you may need some cartilage support grafts or suturing to increase the support of the nose.

Neck lift, lip lift, and revision rhinoplasty can all be performed together. The former may be influenced by weight loss, but the latter two will not. If you are planning a significant weight loss, then delaying the neck lift may be wise. That said, the excess fat in the neck and under the chin can be treated at the time of the neck lift. Best of luck moving forward!

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Rhinoplasty lip lift and facelift and correction of crooked nose.

Rhinoplasty lip lift and facelift and correction of crooked nose can all be gone during one surgery. You are the best to lose weight before surgery as you mentioned .It will not affect your nasal surgery for the lip lift however. A forehead lift is also indicated to open your eyes and will give you a very improved appearance. See a very experienced facelift surgeon for the best results.

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Unhappy with rhinoplasty

There are several different issues with your nose. It would be best to have your nose examined though before making any recommendations. Techniques are much better now than 17 years ago. Good luck.

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Revision Rhinoplasty for thick skinned patient

Thick skin is always a limiting factor but if you have nasal obstruction as well as cosmetic concerns, it makes sense to address these things together. A ball-shaped tip results from the tip cartilages angling upward toward the inside corners of the eyes, and this can often be corrected by repositioning/re-shaping the cartilages. Good Luck!

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Am I a Good Candidate for Revision Rhinoplastyh, Lip Lift, and Facelift?

You are an excellent candidate for a rhinoplasty revision to improve nasal appearance and function, a lip lift or augmentation, and a facelift. Also consider a brow lift with hairline lowering. Losing weight will improve your facelift results.

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