Rhinoplasty in Third World Countries?

Hi everyone.I belong to Pakistan and plan on getting on Rhinoplasty but I'm afraid my results would not be as I expect since the cost of the surgery here is pretty low.I have been in consultations with a reputed doctor in New York who charged me $15k for the procedure,while in Pakistan,a surgeon was willing to perform for just $2k.Should I take the risk as I cannot afford $15k? Are there any good surgeons in third world countries?

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Rhinoplasty in Third World Countries?

  The most important factor, in selecting your Rhinoplasty Surgeon, is the ability for the surgeon to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose and face.  If you believe the Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Pakistan can do that, then by all means have the Rhinoplasty there.  If not, then IMHO, you should leave and find a Rhinoplasty Surgeon who does.  The proper aesthetics and not cost should be the deciding factor in who performs your surgery.  

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Rhinoplasty abroad

there may or may not be good rhinoplasty surgeons in pakistan/central asia.  dont judge a surgeon soley based on the price he/she charges for a procedure. $2k for a rhinoplasty may be market price.  just like $15k might be market price in NYC.  if you are looking for a way to evaluate your surgeon in pakistan look into his/her training and experience.  talk to former patients of his and ask to see lots of before and after photographs.  if you are looking to come to the united states consider coming to austin, we are expererienced and provide quality results - but we dont have that new york price tag.  worth looking into. good luck

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Rhinoplasty in the middle east

There may be very good rhinoplasty surgeons in the middle east but the very good ones typically charge rates that are comparable to rates abroad.  For examples in Iran rhinoplasty surgeons have rates ranging from $1k to $15k.

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Rhinoplasty in Third World Countries?

There are excellent surgeons in any country but the hardest task is to find them. My recommendation is to look at their before and after photos and and see if there are noses that look similar to yours and if you liked the results, then you may also get a good result. Not many surgeons in here are really comfortable with ethnic noses and what you pay has nothing to do with how good the surgeon is.

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Rhinoplasty in third world countries?

Thank you for your question.  Yes,  there certainly are good  surgeons in third world countries.  You will need to do your homework however.  Find out about their training, certifications obtained,  experience, memberships in plastic surgery organizations, and ask to see examples of their work. Best of luck. 



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Third world surgeons

Hello Zara,

There are excellent surgeons in most third world countries and some pretty bad ones too, but this is also the case in North America! The problem is that when you opt for an operation away from home it may be difficult to find out who is really good and also your follow up is not optimal. You will find that most surgeons in your area are not going to be very keen on taking care of you should you have any problems. 

Dr. A. Gantous

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Third world rhinoplasty

Why would you risk your health and/or appearance to save money? Why would you think that a surgeon in Pakistan can give you the results you are looking for? I would suggest traveling somewhere else in the US to try to get a better price and wait to get your surgery till you have saved the money. 

Ronald Schuster, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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