Should I Get Rhinoplasty in India? (photo)

I am currently 16, turning 17 in 2 weeks. I have been to two consultations in the UK, however, one surgeon costs 6200 and the other 4550. In india, I would probably spend about £1800 pounds on rhinoplasty - including tickets and 10 days overnight stay. This is the surgeon (in india)'s website, it seems convincing to me and his before and after pictures are quite outstanding. Can it be trusted?

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Should I Get Rhinoplasty in India?

 I have performed Rhinoplasty for 25 years and IMHO you should not use cost as a deciding factor when selecting your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  Understanding and following the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally more attractive nose and face is the primary reason you choose a plastic and cosmetic surgeon to do any procedure, Rhinoplasty included.  Experience performing Rhinoplasty is simple not enough.  Hope this helps.

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There are good surgeons all over the world. That said, you should choose someone that can give you the best results and that is available for follow up over a long period of time. Ar rhinplasty is a complex procedure that needs to be followed for at least a year until all healing is complete. Although cost is always an issue, cosmetic nasal surgery is one procedure in particular where it is really worth spending the extra money to find someone that is reputable and reliable. Shortcuts usually don't pay off!

-Dr. Jamil Asaria

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Cosmetic tourism

I think that you are always better to have surgery closer to your home. If there are complications, how are you  going to go back and get treated?

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Should I Get Rhinoplasty in India?

Only if you understand the extremely high risk you are taking just save a few Euros!! IT IS YOU FACE! and if things do not go according to plan you re in a "third" world country. 

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Traveling for rhinoplasty

It is not all about price.  Do you and the surgeon agree on the plan?  Is the plan explicit enough?  If you have a complication, how will they deal with it?  Rhinoplasty requires careful follow up.  Will you be willing to travel for that follow up.  If you need a touch up procedure at 18 months, will it cost you anything?

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Should I Get Rhinoplasty in India?

Surgery in another country can be far more expensive than you think. No local doctor will take care of your complications without a very high fee, otherwise it means traveling back to India again for correction of the problems that are sure to occur. Not because Indian doctors are bad, although they have no oversite for quality of care, but because rhinoplasty is the single cosmetic procedure with the highest percent of patient dissatisfaction and the highest redo rate.

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Rhinopasty in India

Do not shop price when having rhinoplasty surgery, especially when having the operation in another country. The most expensive surgeon is not necessarily the best, but be careful. If there are problems, will you travel again for a revision, which always costs more than the original rhinoplasty.

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Base Your Decision on the Quality of the Surgeon's Work, Not the Price

The question you raise is one often brought up by prospective patients who wish to have cosmetic surgery, but have sticker shock when it comes to price.  I see patients several times a year that have had surgery abroad purely based on the price differential and seeking revisions.  What was initially seen as an incredible price transforms into a very expensive endeavor when considering revision surgery.  There are a number of reasons that Rhinoplasty is expensive: 1) Rhinoplasty is the single most complicated and difficult aesthetic facial procedure, 2) It takes a lot of time, training and skill to become a great Rhinoplasty Surgeon and 3) the post-procedure follow up is extensive.  Given that you will not have your final result for at least 1 year, it is generally advisable to have access to your Surgeon.  This Surgeon in India may be very good, but you have to understand that your are rolling the dice.  This gamble is not one I would advise for any 17 year old seeking Rhinoplasty.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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