Rhinoplasty in 8 Days, I Am Very Anemic. Should I Postpone?

I am a mid-twenties male who has a rhinoplasty scheduled in 8 days time. Yesterday, I found out I am very anemic (iron deficiency anemia). I am now on high-dose iron supplements, and am aware that it takes weeks and months to rectify the low amount of red blood cells. Should I postpone my surgery? Will the anemia cause complications with healing, anaesthesia, or other issues? Thank you.

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Anemia and rhinoplasty

Mr. Williamson,

It is in your best interest to talk to your plastic surgeon regrading your anemia. Your surgeon must evaluate your hemoglobin and other important laboratory results and then make a decision whether to postpone your surgery or to proceed with current condition, depending on the extend of your surgery.

Good luck

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Anemia and rhinoplasty

You should see your doctor and review your blood work with him and then make decision to either proceed or hold off on surgery.

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Rhinoplasty in 8 Days, I Am Very Anemic. Should I Postpone?

Hello and thanks for your question.

You should check your Haemoglobin by a simple blood test. If it is 10 or above then it should be OK. Discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon and Anaesthetist as a low Haemoglobin will affect healing.

Hope this Helps

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Rhinoplasty in 8 Days, I Am Very Anemic. Should I Postpone?

Many thanks for the question. I wish if you would have given some values of your haemoglobin to see how sever is your anemia. If its less then 8gms I don't think your PS will operate any way if its total Rhinoplasty .However if a simple tip plasty is to be performed it perhaps can be performed without much problems. However if the Haemoglobin is very low its better to postpone it until you have more than 10 gms of haemoglobin.

Rhinoplasty in 8 Days, I Am Very Anemic. Should I Postpone?

Good medical practice would dictate that you follow-up with your primary care physician or internist for  evaluation; he/she will be able to determine the cause of any anemia ( if present) and recommend treatment based on diagnosis. Online consultants will not be your best resource when it comes to prescribing specific medication/dosages. Best wishes with your upcoming surgical procedures as well.

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