Does Rhinoplasty Improve Sinus Reaction?

Does having a Rhinoplasty help improve your sinus reactions? I have bad sinuses and I am hoping after the rhinoplasty, I will get that benefit as well. That would be sweet!

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Rhinoplasty Can Improve Sinus Problems In Some Cases

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Many patients who choose to undergo rhinoplasty also have functional problems such as nasal obstruction or sinusitis. When performed correctly, a rhinoplasty should produce a nose that both looks good and functions well.

Simply stated, the nasal sinuses are air chambers within the facial skeleton. Normal airflow through the nose - and thus the sinuses - is one of the factors that contributes to healthy sinus. An anatomical obstruction of the sinus can predispose the patient to developing sinus infections. If the anatomic obstruction is due to a deviated septum or lack of airflow into the nose, then a rhinoplasty can in some cases improve sinus problems. If the anatomic blockage of the sinsuses is due to a narrowing of their natural opening, the a rhinoplasty most likely will not affect sinus problems.

Besides an anatomic obstruction, there are many other things that contribute to sinusitis - such as allergies and chronic inflammation. Patient's who have recurrent or chronic sinusitis should undergo an evaluation by an ENT so that the cause of the sinus disease can be better determined.

Possible improvement by improving the septum and nasal airway

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First you need to define sinus reaction.  Is it allergies, nasal congestion, sinus infections, etc.

Chronic sinusitis could be caused by obstruction of the sinus opening by a severely deviated septum and once that deviation is corrected as part of a rhinoplasty the sinus infection will also improve.

Amir Moradi, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sinus disease requires workup prior to rhinoplasty

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These are two distinctly different procedures and you should make your desires clear to your surgeon.

Although the rhinoplasty could improve your sinus condition, it could also make it worse.

Sinusitis may have many different causes. Some may be due to physical obstructions, allergies, medications, infections, etc.

This may require an extensive workup including labarotory studies and radiolgic examinations.

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