Will Rhinoplasty Be Able to Improve my Breathing and Enhance my Appearance?

My problem is my nose is broken, crooked, big and im petty sure I have a deviated septum. since i was little, ive been in many accidents, sports related most of the time. And now at the age of 18, I think its time to get it fix, but my issue is whether itll be possible to get good results. I also underwent major double jaw surgery back in December and then I relapsed and underwent a lower jaw surgery in april, along with an emergency tracheostomy.Also how much would cost? Female in nyc

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Broken nose

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You seem like a good candidate for nasal surgery. First I think you did the correct thing which is to address you jaw issue first.  Once this is addressed and stable you could be a good candidate for nasal surgery. Costs can vary and I would recommend an evaluation to get a better understanding of your specific injuries and breathing issues. 

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Breathing and Cosmetic Surgery

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Yes, having Rhinoplasty performed can help both the aesthetic as well as functional components of your breathing properly addressed.  Be sure that your surgeon performs a thorough examination of the inside as well as outside of your nose.

Rhinoplasty to Help Improve Breathing and Enhance Appearance

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It sounds like rhinoplasty would improve the appearance of your nose. Cost depends on your individual circumstances. It would be best for you to seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. He/she will be able to best answer your questions. Thank you, and I hope this helps.

Dr. Nassif

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty to Improve Form and Function

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It looks like you have a large experience with facial surgery.  You will need to gear yourself up again for this type of surgery.  The main goal of this surgery is to have the nose work correctly. The next goal is that it looks as good as it can.  Often we can do both.  Noses can be difficult as they are a mix of many tissues, (bone, cartilage, thick skin, thin skin, etc).  Best to see a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Otolaryngologist, (ENT).  Often patients will interview at least three surgeons. Seek one who is experienced in this type of surgery.   Ask them how many of these operations have they done.  Discuss your goals.  together you can then come up with a plan.

Rhinoplasty will improve both breathing and appearance

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Based on your history and photographs, rhinoplasty surgery can help accomplish both goals that you are after - improved nasal breathing and appearance. Look for physicians who specialize in rhinoplasty surgery. During your consultation discuss your breathing problems and desires for appearance, and ask for computer imaging to see what your nose might look like after the operation. Good luck,

Grigoriy Mashkevich, MD. New York Facial Plastic Surgeon. 

Septoplasty + rhinoplasty

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Based on your photos it appears that you have a deviated septum, thick skin, and a low radix. You should search for an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, preferably close to where you live

Goals with nasal surgery

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It is certainly possible to combine both cosmetic and breathing concerns with one surgery, and from your pictures, you would I believe be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty (and if you have trouble breathing; likely a septorhinoplasty), I would make sure you are more or less through with your sports activities that may be more likely to injure your nose, and seek consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon or ENT; if possible a "double-boarded" person would likely have the experience to help you (boarded in ENT and plastic surgery).  Rhinoplastic surgery is one of the more intricate and difficult surgeries that we perform, so take your time and get several consultations, Good luck

Jerry Lugger, MD
Southlake Plastic Surgeon

Nose is crooked and most likely was broken

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 First, IMHO...are you emotionally ready form another surgery at this point after what you've just been through?  From your photos, it seems quite clear that your nose has an S-shaped, crooked, shape consistent with nasal fractures from trauma.  A Rhinoplasty with osteotomies to break the nasal bones, moving them to the midline combined with making the bridge lower and the tip smaller...would indeed improve the appearance of the nose.

Two points to leave you with for further thought, on your part:

  1. A nose that is very crooked, such as one with an S-shape will most likely never be perfectly straight as the lower cartilage section, of the nose, has memory and tends to retain some degree of that crooked shape after the Rhinoplasty.
  2. At 18, you have your whole life ahead of you and you could certainly wait a year, two or more before having a Rhinoplasty....this may allow you some cushion, of time, between what you've been through and this next surgery.

Improve function and appearance of nose with rhinoplasty

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I am a firm believer that no rhinoplasty surgery should sacrifice the function of the nose. The concerns you describe can be addressed with surgery.

Consulting with at least a couple experienced rhinoplasty surgeons to see what results are possible. I perform computer morphing with my patients to simulate possible changes. I find this an invaluable part of the consultation process. Examining the inside of your nose will allow the surgeon to assess whether septal surgery would help with breathing issues as well.

Septorhinoplasty for breathing and appearance

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In my practice it is important that all noses are both functional and aesthetically pleasing when the patient is seeking both. It is possible to correct a nose functionally and not change the aesthetic nature of the nose. However in your case and after reviewing your photographs and history you would benefit from having a septorhinoplasty a change in both the appearance and functional aspects of the nose. You need to seek a surgeon skilled in both areas and have a full examination to properly diagnose your problems. I do operate on many athletes especially soccer and hockey players who have sustained multiple traumas to the nose and while sometimes these cases are difficult they are very rewarding for both the surgeon and patient alike. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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