Rhinoplasty to Remove Hump an Option for Patient with Thin Skin?

I am 20 years old and have a small hump in my nose, i had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who says that even if i had it done i probably would never be satisfied because i have thin skin and my nose would never be perfect, i did a virtual plastic surgery on my nose and i love the way it looks, does this look like a possibility or was that surgeon right?

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Rhinoplasty for patient with thin skin

According to the picture shown, you do have a reasonable result from the virtual computer imaging. This skin does present a problem in that it just has a higher complication rate from every little irregularity wanting to show through the skin. Certainly the bump can be removed from the bridge of your nose which is composed of both bone and cartilage and this can be addressed through a rhinoplasty procedure. It is important to seek out a rhinoplasty surgeon who has performed thousands of rhinoplasties to understand your specific situation. The virtual rhinoplasty that is shown is certainly attainable by today’s rhinoplasty standards.

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Remove hump for patient with thin skin

In looking at your profile picture, it appears to me that you are an excellent candidate for a rhinoplasty. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to improve the contour of your nose in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Many of my rhinoplasty patients have thin skin and this does not present a problem in my hands.

Sigmund L. Sattenspiel, MD
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Rhinoplasty with thin skin

Thin skin should not be a great setback. It is still possible to achieve excellent results with rhinoplasty. Your nose may have more definition. I am a rhinoplasty specialist located in Beverly Hills, California. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the procedure. I would be happy to evaluate any additional photos you have as well. My contact information is listed in my profile. Thank you and best of luck.

Paul S. Nassif, MD
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Hump removal rhinoplasty is possible with thin skin

You have a hump that can very easily be removed with a closed rhinoplasty technique. This is performed with incisions inside the nose and no external scars. The recovery time is shorter with this approach.

Andrew Jacono, MD
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Rhinoplasty with Thin Skin

While more challenging, wonderful results can be achieved with rhinoplasty in a patient with thin skin. After contouring and shaping the underlying structures, definition is not hidden by thick skin. Your computer-generated post-operatve result is very reasonable goal.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Thin skin and rhinoplasty.

Special care must be taken with thin-skinned patients to avoid bumps and dents. Beyond just smoothing bone with fine rasps and carving cartilage precisely, I'll sometimes place a graft of Alloderm along the dorsum (bridge of the nose) to smooth things even more.

Alloderm is a material made from human dermis (the deep layer of skin) and processed to remove all its cellular elements. Essentially, it's a smooth sheet of the structural proteins of skin and it eventually becomes incorporated as your own tissue. It's not a substitute for careful work, but it's been a nice option for select patients.

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Thin nasal skin can lead to visible imperfections after Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Thin skin and firm nasal cartilage are predisposing factors for tip irregularities after Rhinoplasty Surgery. In general, irregularities of the bridge are less likely, but possible if your skin is thin.

I like the gentle curve you morphed on your profile view, and I think this is an attainable goal. You should consult another board-certified, experienced Rhinoplasty specialist with many photos for a second opinion.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Nasal surgery or rhinoplasty on nose with skin thin

Rhinoplasty procedures are typically done for patients with thin skin without hesitation. Your surgeon is referring to the fact that patients with thin skin have less of a soft tissue buffer to camouflage nuances in cartilaginous contour and position. You will do great with a rhinoplasty.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Hump Reduction in thin skin

Reducing a small hump such as yours is very effective in folks with thin skin. In fact, my preference is to always operate on individuals with thin skin versus thick skin. With thicker skin the results are less predictable since more scar tissue tends to form with people who have thicker skin.

In fact, with thin skin, the outside skin usually adheres better to the underlying bone and soft tissue. Now if you wanted your tip operated on there would be greater chance of irregularities showing through since the skin is thinner. As long as the dorsum is filed smoothly, you should do well. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
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Rhinoplasty on thin skinned people

It looks like you should be able to have the result you created on your computer.  Thin skin can be addressed relatively easily.  You would need to be seen in person of course so you should see a few other doctors for other opinions.

Jason B. Diamond, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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