Can Rhinoplasty Graft's Move and How Can You Know This? How Long Does It Take for the Grafts to Become Stable in the Nose?

I had a Rhinoplasty and Nasal Graft surgery 9 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, I accidentally drank too much alcohol and don't remember what happened. We were in my house so not much could've happened besides falling or running into a wall. I woke up in a random bed and my nose felt different. It didn't hurt, it wasn't bleeding and it didn't look different. It felt different in my nose though, like something had moved around. Can grafts move and how would one have anyway of knowing whether they've moved?

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Nasal graft does not move after healing in place for several weeks.

So you "accidentally" drank too much? Someone else pour it down your throat? And no recall, meaning your state of inebriation was severe. Sorry, I'm neither your father nor your minister, so I'll refrain from further "preaching" and assume you know this is wrong whether or not you've had surgery, but especially inappropriate and dangerous when trying to have an expensive operation heal properly!

The good news is that 6 weeks post-op was when this occurred, and by then your graft was securely contained within the recipient tissues. Depending on the type of graft used, there can also be adherence and tissue ingrowth, further immobilizing it.

Certainly a severe-enough blow could damage even a firmly affixed graft, but as long as it looks the same, that's a better indicator of "all OK" than noting different sensations, which can be a result of sensory nerve bruising.

See your surgeon for definitive evaluation, but you're graft is probably just fine. Please don't drink so much in the future! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen


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See your surgeon for an evaluation to see if any damage was done.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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