Will Rhinoplasty Fix my Nose Straight? and Helps It to Breath Good? (photo)

I'm 21-year old male and i have a crooked nose.I Cannot BREATH through my left side and mostly i'm breathing through my mouth now. I also have sinusitis and getting pain around my left eye and left ear.I had gone steptoplasty 2 years back and it worsened my sinusitis.Will rhinoplasty helps fixing my crooked nose(outside visibility of my nose) and my BREATHING ISSUE and sinusitis ?

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Rhinoplasty can address both cosmetic and functional issues. Based on the limited picture you provided, making your nose straighter should be achievable. I recommend you consult with a facial plastic surgeon who can properly answer that question. Also, depending on the cause of your difficulty breathing, it may also help address your breathing problem as well. The fact that the septoplasty did not help your breathing does not necessarily mean that you will not benefit from additional airway surgery. There are other procedures that can often be done in conjunction with septoplasty that can help address the nasal airway. Since you have both functional and cosmetic concerns, I suggest you see a facial plastic surgeon who is double board certified in both otolaryngology - head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic surgery since they will be able to comprehensively address all of your concerns. Good luck.

Columbus Facial Plastic Surgeon

crooked nose, breathing problems, sinusitis

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The only way to make the diagnosis of chronic sinusitis is by obtaining a CAT scan of the sinuses to determine if there is any polyps/ infection inside the sinuses themselves. There are multiple issues that can cause breathing problems in the nose which include a deviated septum, valve collapse, allergies, and turbinate hypertrophy. Each one of these are treated differently with either medicine or surgery. A broken nose can be repaired with a rhinoplasty. All these procedures can be addressed simultaneously, under one anesthetic.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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