Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Bump/odd Curve on my Nasal Bone? (photo)

Hello, my nose has a very odd curve or bump on it that makes it look odd from a 45 degree angle. Is there anyway you can make the nose look more," uniform from top to bottom" in a sense?

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Rhinoplasty for nasal bump and curved dorsal aesthetic line

 Rhinoplasty for this type of nose would involve rasping corners of the  bony dorsal profile, adding spreader grafts the mid third of the nose where it is pinched, and narrowing the tip cartilages  with suture techniques to give a better balance and straighten the nose.Please see the link to our photo gallery below and look at the three-quarter profiles of similar   noses  to your own.

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Rhinoplasty Will Correct the Odd Bump/Curve of the Nose, and More

Hi Baj,

Your nose can be made to look more "uniform from top to bottom" by an appropriately performed rhinoplasty.  The superior boney/cartilaginous edges should be taken down, the narrow middle third of your nose should be widened a few millimeters with spreader grafts, and the lower third nasal tip should be refined with removal of some cartilage, defatting your tip, and using sutures to re-shape the cartilages.  Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully.  Good luck and be well.

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Your nasal bones are a bit wide.During a Rhinoplasty the area of concern to you could and should be rasped to remove the prominence.

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