After Six Rhinoplastys, I Still Have Extreme Difficulty Breathing. Any Solutions?

I'm from Venezuela and I like travel to U.S. for make Rhinoplasty Revision, now I have made ​​six Rhinoplasty and all have been unsuccessful, I have severe difficulty to breathing, I have valvular collapse, I have very small nostrils. In the last surgery left me many internal scars and keloids preventing airflow between. I wonder if someone can offer a real solution.

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After Six Rhinoplastys, I Still Have Extreme Difficulty Breathing. Any Solutions

After several rhinoplasties there is internal scarring that begins to stenose the airways and cause difficulty breathing.A personal evaluation by an experienced plastic surgeon is needed and spreader grafts may be indicated as well.

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After Six Rhinoplastys, I Still Have Extreme Difficulty Breathing. Any Solutions?

 Photos would help in the evaluation but honestly after 6 Rhinoplasties, your nasal tissue has so much scarring internally and decreased blood supply, you may not be able to have another one.  Furthermore, the chances of having marked nasal breathing at this stage are not good, IMHO.  Sometimes, the most difficult thing for a surgeon to do, is tell the patient no more surgery is recommended.  You should have in person consultations before having another Revision Rhinoplasty and set realistic goals and expectations as continued surgeries could wind up making things much worse at some point.

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Nasal obstruction after 6 surgeries

Although it is hard to tell without examining you seeing your pictures what you are describing is likely possible to improve with structural grafting using septal or rib cartilage

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Severe valve collapse from prior rhinoplasties

There are several approaches to improve breathing in those with valve collapse/narrowing after having had prior rhinoplasty surgery. Without seeing your nose it's hard to offer specific ideas, but an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to assess your case.

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Revision rhinoplasty

You have already had an extreme amount of revision procedures and your next one needs to be the last one. See an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon who has extreme knowledge of the nasal anatomy and the functioning aspects of the nose. In order to consider a surgery successful the nose must look aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Some surgeons do the aesthetic portion not realizing that when the nose is narrowed or changes are made that breathing problems may appear if both aspects functional and cosmetic are not taken into account! Best regards!

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Difficulty Breathing after 6 Rhinoplasties

If you have a collapse or narrowing of the internal valves spreader grafts are probably necessary. it sounds like you also have narrowing of the external valves with"very small nostrils". Grafts over the lower lateral cartilages (tip cartilages) can enlarge the nostrils. Internal scars or keloids can be removed. You need to see a surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty.

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6 Rhinoplasty Surgeries


It sounds like you have a difficult case or poor surgical outcomes. You may want to consider a consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.



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