Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Egypt?

Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon in Egypt for rhinoplasty? Please let me know.

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Respected rhinoplasty surgeon in Egypt

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Dr. Hossam Foda is an eminent rhinoplasty surgeon in Egypt.  He is widely published and well respected in the field.  His work is very natural.  I would schedule a consultation with him.

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Rhinoplasty in Egypt.

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I would recommend Dr. Hossam Foda in Egypt. He is an excellent surgeon and does very natural and beautiful noses. See him for a consultation.

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If you live in Egypt, you should go to Israel for your surgery!

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You are across a narrow canal and a small desert from one of the world's foremost medical communities. There is nothing the best surgeons of Europe and the US have over the Israeli doctors, particularly the plastic surgeons. Their training, education, and competitiveness of their medical environment keeps them at the very highest level. They are in regular attendance at all the major plastic surgery meetings and consistently publish articles in the top medical journals. Plus, their government regulation of OR certification is important to guarantee safety.

I have been to Egypt and enjoyed the people and the country. But you asked a straight medical question and I am giving you straight advice. I read anarticle that said during a recent time period, Israelis were awarded over 10,000 patents while Egyptians had 175. I love Egypt, but it is a plain fact that it isn't currently a "first world" scientific community. When it comes to having elective surgery, everything should be optimized. Put nationalistic tendencies aside and go where you will get the best care.

There are so many excellent rhinoplasty surgeons in Israel that I don't know where to start when it comes to recommending one. As you would imagine, Israeli plastic surgeons have a lot of experience with rhinoplasty!

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