Rhinoplasty Dorsal Hump I Want It Back, is This Possible?

hello i recently had septorhinoplasty 4 weeks ago, i had a roman nose with a big bump as well as being droopy, my surgeon i beleive removed to much of my bump, and made my nose look more concaved rather then the roman look, i like the roman look just didnt want to much removed, now my tip looks big and the bridge very small, is it possible to get the bump back, can it grow back, can i get hit and it can return maybe, or any other ways? please help as i am unhappy with it, or will the tip reduce

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Reversal of dorsal hump

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You are too early in the post op period to judge your result.  If after a year, you want revision then you and your surgeon could discuss grafting the area. To try to do anything sooner would decrease the possibility of acheiving your goals.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty follow up Appointments

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Without seeing a photograph it is hard to determine what will need to be done to correct the procedure. I personally use a digital imaging computer during my surgical consultations which allows the patient to see the proposed surgical results prior to surgery. This allows an open discussion and makes sure the patient and surgeon see and want the same desired aesthetic results. This prevents an unhappy patient and revision procedures. Revision Rhinoplasty will correct these problems however you are very soon in the recovery phase and I suggest waiting an entire year for your nose to heal before contemplating any revision work. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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