More Swelling and Deviation After Rhinoplasty

I found my nasal septum to be deviated when I was 14. The septum started to deviate more over the next few years and made my breathing difficult as it almost blocked one side of the nasal opening. I had a Rhinoplasty when I was 19. Two months after the surgery when I went for a check, the doctor said the operation was not successful and he asked me go through the process for a second time; but I was reluctant. I am now 21 years old and over the last two years, the septum has deviated significantly. My nose has become big and swelling and has been gradually increasing in size on the side of the face where the septum is deviated.

What is the reason for the swelling and what can be done? Will my nose look better if the swelling subsides?

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There should not be any significant swelling 2 years after rhinoplasty.

I think if your septum were so deviated, you'd have a problem breathing through your nose on one side. Frankly, it's difficult to figure out what's going on without photos.

Feel free to post / email me full frontal, and full profile facial pictures, and I'll try to help you. Another option is to get a second opinion from an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Proper diagnosis is key!


First off you need to see a surgeon and get the proper diagnosis. Diagnosis always must come before any type of surgery.

I am concerned that your doctor said the surgery was not a success only 2 months out from surgery. Why was it not a success? Was it his technique? Was it the failure of proper initial diagnosis and planning? Or was it the way your nose started to heal?

There should be no swelling at this point. If there is swelling then you have to have a doctor take a look to see if you have a cyst or a mass. Most likely its not swelling but deformed cartilage you are seeing. Perhaps this is related to the deviated septum. The septum deviation can distort the external framework of the nose and create problems.

The front part of the septum or caudal septum is especially crucial and problematic. So is the top part or dorsal septum. All of these require a skillful surgeon's attention and technique.

Keep in mind that a revision septoplasty is always more difficult but often impossible to perform due to fusing of the two septal mucosal linings creating the inability to "re-enter" the septum.

See a good surgeon. Be examined. Do computer imaging. Then, weigh your options.

Good luck

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 It has been two years and the result you see is your nose. The "swelling" is probably the septum pushing that side making it look swollen. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to have it corrected.

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