I Got Rhinoplasty 7 Days Ago and I Keep Picking my Nose. Will I Get an Infection?

I got gore-tex on my bridge and ear cartilage on my tip and there are disolvable stiches in my nose. However, when I went to get my stitches out (from my ear) they did not clean out my nose. There is so much dry blood and my doctor told me not to touch it yet, but I came home and couldn't help but to pick at it. I kept picking all day today. Will I get an infection? What are the signs? I put a bit of neosporin on, is that okay? Please help =( Thank you so much..

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Picking nose after rhinoplasty

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Obviously you should not be picking your nose after a rhinoplasty.  You could jeopardize your healing.

I would tell my doctor, have him examine you and see if you need additional treatment.

Because of the presence of a graft in your nose, your risk (and the consequences) of infection are higher.

Every doctor has a regimen for what is allowed to cleanse the nose postoperatively, so touch base with him/her.

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Picking Nose 1 Week after Rhinoplasty

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There is absolutely no benefit to picking your nose 1 week after rhinoplasty. Talk to your surgeon re safe methods to remove intra-nasal crusts.

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Picking The Nose After Rhinoplasty

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Yes, you can get an infection. And if you have a alloplastic (nontissue) implant like Gortex then you may be at a higher risk. Don't pick your nose. Post-rhinoplasty crusting and debris should be cleaned by 3x daily saline sprays and ointment use followed by intermittent suctioning by your doctor.

Saline stops crusting one week after rhinoplasty

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The crusting within the nose can be a problem after rhinoplasty, and to avoid the risk of bleeding or an infection you should keep your fingers away. After the splint is removed we recommend saline nasal spray such as Ayr, sold over the counter at your drugstore. Start with a warm very clean cloth to soak the base of the nose and apply a small amount of Aquaphor on the outside edge of the nostril, and the saline spray and a sniff to coat the inside. Do not blow your nose yet as this should wait another two weeks.

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I would recommend you let your physician perform the intranasal cleaning of the dry blood and crusting.  It is far safer and will not disrupt the delicate surgery he performed.  Make an appointment promptly. 

Avoid Picking Nose after Rhinoplasty

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Hi Juicyme in New york, NY,

All rhinoplasty surgeons will advise their patients to avoid manipulating their nose after surgery, especially in the early postoperative period. Nasal ointment with muporicin and saline rinses help reduce the normal crusting. Your surgeon may also help clean your nose in the office as necessary. Most sutures used inside the nose will dissolve slowly with time and should not be pulled or picked at. Patients who have foreign material, such as goretex or silicone, are at higher risk of infection even long after the initial surgery. Speak with your surgeon immediately if you ever feel you have infection. Avoid manipulating your nose after rhinoplasty. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

Don't pick your nose after a rhinoplasty

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Both your surgeon and your mother would say; "Stop picking your nose"!  The dissolvable sutures can be a nuisance and the mucus can crust but you do not want to pull or push anything out of your nose.  Use nasal saline spray in a gentle fashion to help clear the nasal passages by sniffing the saline.  Don't strain or blow your nose.

Discuss this with your surgeon today.

Best Wishes

Dr. Peterson

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Nose picking after rhinoplasty

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Leave it alone you are at significant risk of infection due to the foreign material.  Try some saline nasal spray and some antibiotic ointment carefully placed with a Q-tip

Nose picking after rhinoplasty

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You are especially vulnerable to possible post op infection because of the fact that you have foreign material in your nose, and you are so soon post op!  I agree, you should see your surgeon and discuss this.  I tell my patients after surgery to use a q-tip with antibiotic ointment to clean the insides of their nose, whether or not they have issues.  You have many bacteria living in your nose (normal flora) that could contaminate the surgical site and create a dreadful infection.  Keep your fingers OUT!

NAsal picking after rhinoplasty

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I caution my patients from picking their nose or blowing it for about three weeks.  I recommend to my patients to use a moist q-tip gently after coming out of the shower to clean the nose for two weeks after the splint comes off.

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