Rhinoplasty to Correct a Low Dorsal Hump?

What sort of procedure is usually adopted to correct a low hump on the nose , closed or open rhinoplasty? Please advise!

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Closed rhinoplasty

Hi- A closed rhinoplasty is usually performed for a simple hump removal. Open rhinoplasty is typically reserved for revision surgery and more complicated rhinoplasty surgery.


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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

Essentially, open and closed techniques can achieve the same results in the majority of cases. I personally prefer closed and use it in almost 100% of my cases.

That being said, certain situations do call for an open approach. If your nasal profile is low because it collapsed (saddle nose deformity) then implants used to build it up often have to be sutured in place permanently.

If it is a naturally low profile in need of a little height, then both approaches will work well, although I would personally do it closed.

Richard W. Westreich, MD
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Best Rhinoplasty Approach to Augment Low Nasal Dorsum

Hi Alisha,

Either closed or open rhinoplasty may be used to augment the nasal dorsum to make a "low" nose higher. There are surgeon who can perform the procedure either way, although individual surgeons have their preference.

I usually prefer an open approach unless a silastic or gortex implant is used. When using a patient's own cartilage I use the open approach.

Choose you rhinoplasty surgeon carefully. Choose the surgeon, not the approach.

Good luck

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Either Rhinoplasty technique can be used

We pioneered open rhinoplasty more than 30 years ago. Having said that, if I am only filing a hump, I usually use a closed technique. There is too much focusing on which method is used instead of how good is the surgeon with whatever technique is used. Therefore, choose an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in your area that does good noses.

Toby Mayer, MD
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