Can Rhinoplasty Correct My Asymmetric Nostrils?

3 years ago, my dream was to have a taller and narrower nose. I have had 5 surgeries on my nose since then. I asked a doctor 1 week ago to take off everything not belongs to my nose, because i was deppressed that surgeries did not make my nose look better but worse and worse. Now, I just wonder if there's any doctor in this world able to fix my really-messed-up nose...? I live in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for you answer. Sorry for my poor English proficiency.

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Nostril asymmetry after 5 rhinoplasty procedures

Based on the photos you have posted the degree of nostril asymmetry is certainly not severe and, for a number of reasons, it may not be realistic for your nostrils to be perfectly symmetric.

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Correction of Asymmetrical Nostrils

After 5 operations you must be realistic and cautious about any future changes. You need to be evaluated by a surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty. Perfect nostril symmetry is not possible, but it may be improved. Having done this work for 35 years I always tell patients their expectations must be realistic.

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Improvement after multiple surgeries

It is clear that you have struggled quite a bit, and now that you have undergone so many surgeries, there are a lot of unknown factors for your nose.  For example, your surgeon will need to know what has been done to your nose so far, how much cartilage is present, what types of grafts have been used, etc.

The part of your question that concerns me is that you seem to want your old nose back.  Although this may be what you desire, it is not possible to restore an operated nose to its pre-operated look.  The best a surgeon can do is to improve the nose enough so that it looks natural (but it will not look like your original nose).

Although I am not greatly familiar with the Canadian surgeon population, you should seek the care of an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Can Rhinoplasty Correct My Asymmetric Nostrils?

Asian rhinoplasty can be a very complex procedure and every time you have surgery more scar is created.  Face is an asymmetric structure and this fact is missed by many patients and surgeons. If you look at your nasal lobules, we see the left side is thicker than the right. So, it is possible to achieve some symmetry if the right ala is reduced a few millimeters and both alae are repositioned medially. The columella needs to be straightened.

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The dark side of open rhinopalsty is the deformities that can be caused

Open rhinoplasty is now very popular, and many surgeons believe that their results have improved because of it. 

But deformities like yours can occur, and with each operation, the scarring inside and outside only gets worse.

You can be helped.  It is safer, after all these operations, to be treated endonasally.  Your columellar area can be revised to improve the bumpiness.  If you have problems in your bridge or tip, they can also be addressed.  How complex the surgery will be depends on what you want, but you can always be helped.

This type of surgery is very successful but must be done by someone who performs revisionary rhinoplasty often.  Find a surgeon whom you trust and who can show you results of other patients with similar deformities that you like.  Good luck!


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