Can a Second Rhinoplasty Correct my Asymmetric Nostrils?

Hello During a wrestling competition i got hit in the face and my nose got crooked to the left. My nostrils were very symmetrical before. Anyway, I went through rhinoplasty to correct this issue. Now I am looking myself in the mirror and my nostrils are not proportional. I am afraid the doctor was too aggressive and now my nostrils are uneven. I have my follow up appointment this Thursday but I want a second opinion to know my Options. Thank you in advance, Nils.

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Nostril Asymmetry Following Rhinoplasty

At his point, I would not evaluate your nose too carefully. Although, your nostrils do appear asymmetric in your photos, you still have a cast on your nose, which can contribute to this finding.  My recommendation would be to wait until your surgeon takes off the cast, then give it the appropriate amount of time to heal (several months).  Then compare your new nostril shape with the preoperative photos (base views).  Sometimes, when everything has settled down, it is much less sever than it appears at this point.  

Good luck,  Dr. Karam

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Post rhinoplasty anxiety

What you are experiencing is normal post rhinoplasty anxiety. It appears that the nsal splint is causing this asymmetry in your nostrils. Be patience. Long-term results can take up to a year or more to be appreciated. This is the hardest part for the patients, because it takes patience. Give it time and follow up closely with your surgeon.

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It's too soon to judge your result, less than one week following Rhinoplasty Surgery.

I read your concern, and reviewed your photo. I can see asymmetry of your nostrils on the base view you posted, but most people will not view you from this angle. You should have your surgeon remove your dressing, and see how things go over the next month.

Everyone's nose looks a bit funny due to swelling on the day of unveiling. It may be helpful to view your pre-op base-view photo at the time of your visit.

All the best from NJ.

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Second rhinoplasty

Days after a rhinoplasty is not the time to be considering a second one. The asymmetry of the nostrils may have been there before the rhinoplasty , may be created by the splint , or may be secondary to swelling.

Time is needed to see what kind of result you are going to have before a second operation should be considered .

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Can a Second Rhinoplasty Correct my Asymmetric Nostrils?

Wow!  It is MUCH too early to be thinking about revision rhinoplasty when you still the cast on from your primary surgery.  There is no way to tell if things are going to be symmetric at this stage.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Don't drive yourself crazy by analyzing minor asymmetries at this point.

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Asymmetry of Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

I would recommend just being patient at this time. The fact you have a cast on your nose and sutures still in place tells me you are within one week of your rhinoplasty procedure. Sometimes even bandages and the cast can contribute to visible asymmetries of the nose that resolve once things are removed. Even swelling of the nose in the early postoperative period can cause this type of appearance. Hang in there and reserve judgement until you have allowed the proper amount of time to heal.

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Early nostril asymmetry

Nostril asymmetry is many times seen after nasal fracture or other situations in which the septum is deviated - it is too early for you to be concerned but there are solutions if the asymmetry persists

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Second Rhinoplasty to Correct Asymmetrical Nostrils

Your concerns are premature; the cast has not even been removed and you still have crusts on the incision at the base of the nose. Nasal appearance will change dramatically over the next 6 months. Perfect nostril symmetry is rare, but you and your surgeon will ultimately decide if a revision will be necessary or beneficial.

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Nostril asymmetry

Nostril asymmetry is normal. I would be that you had some before, but you are noticing it more now that you had some surgery. Give it some time to heal and then adjustments can be made at a later time.

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There is asymmetry of the nostrils. This could be due to the surgery, or THE NASAL SPLINT WHICH CAN PRESS ON ONE SIDE MORE THAN THE OTHER. Evaluate when all is healed and swelling is gone

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