Congested Nose After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty seven days ago. My nose is very congested, and I still have to breath through my mouth. My nose continues to drip clear fluid. My concern is not being able to breath through my nose, as it been a week since surgery. Is this normal? How long will I be this way?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery: Congestion is Normal Part of Early Recovery

Nasal congestion, stuffiness, and drainage are a normal part of the rhinoplasty recovery. Not only is the outside of the nose swollen after surgery, but the inside is equally swollen. Fortunately, in the first several weeks following rhinoplasty, the congestion will improve as the swelling subsides. 


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Congestion is normal

It is normal to be very congested after rhinoplasty for the first week after the procedure. Depending on tip techniques that were performed, it can even be longer. The clear fluid that is dripping out of your nose could be of some concern, and speak to your physician to make sure that it is not cerebrospinal fluid.

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Ask your surgeon

Congestion is quite normal after surgery. But given your nice review of your experience and your surgeon, why do you not ask him about these side-effects?

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