Can Columellar Strut Be Removed and Nose Tip Moved to Original Position?

I'm not happy with my rhinoplasty results. Can the columellar strut be removed and my nose tip placed back to its original position?

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Reversing Rhinoplasty Results

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In order to answer your question I need to ask several. When was your surgery done? What was done? What don't you like at present? Certainly the strut can be removed, but it is unlikely the tip will look exactly as it did before the operation. It would be best to get a second opinion from an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. You want to be sure the healing process is complete or near complete before undergoing further surgery.

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Rhinoplasty - Returning Nose Back to Original Position

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Most likely not. Regardless of specific technique initially, your nose may not look exactly as it did before the original surgery.

First, part of the tip projection may be reduced naturally over time without any further surgery. The nose can loose some of the projection over the course of the year. If you are still unhappy after waiting an appropriate amount of time, then you may consider revision rhinoplasty.

If the only surgical maneuver for your rhinoplasty surgery was to place a columellar strut, then it may be possible that your nose returns back to its original position with additional surgery. The tip of the nose may be brought down, deprojected, by removing or altering the columellar strut.

There are so many variables for rhinoplasty, and you haven't provided sufficient information regarding you procedure to help guide you. How was the rhinoplasty performed? Is there history of trauma or prior surgery? Cartilage grafts used besides the columellar strut? Only after a comprehensive examination by a rhinoplasty surgeon, can you be appropriately advised.

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