Normal To Leave Columella Graft Visible In Rhinoplasty?

recently i had a columella strut placed using rib and the graft became visible. i then had it stiched up but i could still see the graft. the doctor says he left the graft near the columeller visible as it wouldnt and wanted the skin the grow over it. he says it could be the rib graft pushing the ear graft from previous surgery out. i know this is not normal but i doubt he would deliberatly leave it exposed. do i need to worry?. it feels fine as its been 4 weeks but it looks a tad odd.

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Visible Columellar Graft

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Exposed cartilage will ultimately become infected and/or not survive. Ask your surgeon to remove or cover the graft.  

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Exposed nasal graft

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Without seeing what you are talking about it is very hard to say. I don't think it's a good idea to ever have a graft exposed. It runs the risk of infection or gradual loss of part or all of the graft. If you are having some kind of delay in healing it would probably be best to cut your losses and have the graft trimmed back until it was completely covered by healthy tissue. By definition grafts do not have a blood supply and therefore are very vulnerable. Check again with your surgeon.

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