Getting a Rhinoplasty, but Would a Chin Augmentation Be Helpful As Well? (photo)

I am scheduled for a rhinoplasty in the coming months but was also curious as to whether a chin augmentation would benefit me as well. The rhinoplasty will slightly deproject the nose, make it thinner, and get rid of the bulbous tip. I am interested in hearing some doctors thoughts on whether a chin augmentation would be beneficial as well. Thanks!

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Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty

In my practice it is common that a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation are performed together, in one surgery, to create overall facial balance. The best way to decide if you are a candidate for this is to discuss it with your surgeon. 3D imaging can also be helpful when deciding. You can read through the attached post on our website discussing this very procedure.

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Getting a Rhinoplasty, but Would a Chin Augmentation Be Helpful As Well?

Many thanks for the question and the photos. I doubt that you need chin augmentation. A good nose job would be just fine to give you a good profile.Chin augmentation can always be done if need be at a later date.There is no urgerncy to do them togethere.A good plastic surgeron can do a photoanimation on your photos to be able to know if this should be done togerther.

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Chin Implant

Dear MD112: I do believe chin augmentation with either implant, orthognathics or fat grafting will increase your projection and will help your profile and make your nose look smaller. Your labiomental crease is too deep and augmentation can make that worse if done alone. Fat grafting can also help in that area. Please choose an experienced board certified surgeon. I recommend you look at members of The Rhinoplasty Society. Hope this helps.

Getting a Rhinoplasty, but Would a Chin Augmentation Be Helpful As Well?

A chin implant will increase the projection and change the profile but will also tend to deepen the groove between the lip and the chin, which is already pronounced in you. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions and chin implants each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.
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