Can Rhinoplasty Change Shape of Upper Lip Area? (photo)

My upper lip area is not straight and i think it gives me negative and unhappy look.Can it change with rhinoplasty? 2. which is right one is the shape i have at the moment.What i expect is left one. İs it possible with rhinoplasty?

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Can Rhinoplasty Change Shape of Upper Lip Area?

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your question.  However, it is unclear to me exactly what you need.  It is helpful to post full clear photos of your front and profile face.

Best Wishes, 

PAblo Prichard, MD

Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Implants or bony advancements

Dear martinhooker: Thank you for your questions and your diagram; based on your diagram you want to change the appearance of your upper lip area. This can be done two main ways, either with implants or with a maxillary advancement. These two may change the shape of your nose inferiorly as well as the upper lip area; a lot of this will depend on how your teeth fit together. You need to see a board certified plastic surgeon with craniofacial experience.

Andres G. Sarraga, MD, FACS
Aventura Plastic Surgeon
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Upper Lip and Base of Nose

From your diagrams it appears that you have a deficient maxillary - the bone between your upper teeth and nose. This can be corrected during rhinoplasty, but requires some additional work, usually accomplished with implants placed on the "piriform rim". This could also be done with a filler product such as Perlane.

Cory Goldberg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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