Will Rhinoplasty Change the Shape of my Mouth?

The bone at the bottom of my nose is not straight and is pushing the skin above the upper lip out. I am having a Rhinoplasty done and the doc said he would remove that extra bone. Will that have any effect on the shape and proportion of my mouth? I asked my doc he said no but I'm still concerned. Thank you!

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The tension nose and its effect on the upper lip following rhinoplasty

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This is sometimes referred to as the tension nose and can give the appearance of a tethered lip. Resection of the anterior nasal spine can deepen the columellar-labial angle and create the appearance of a "looser" lip with downward rotation of the nasal tip.

Rhinoplasty will not change shape of mouth

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The nasal spine that is present that is herniated downward from the columella should be turned back done with the rhinoplasty if hanging down. Once the columella is tucked upwards and inwards, it will give the elusion of having a longer upper lip but will not affect any proportions or movement of the mouth.

Rhinoplasty changing shape ot mouth

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Removing the anterior nasal spine should make the upper lip have less tension. The Nasolabial angle should be better.   It should not change the shape of your resting mouth or your smile.

Rhinoplasty and mouth shape

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Treating what is most likely your anterior nasal spine, should only relax the tension on the upper lip skin and bring the nasolabial angle in a more harmoniouw position.

Rhinoplasty Change the Shape of my Mouth

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By removing the anterior nasal spine as you have described with NOT change your smile. It might increase the vertical distance of the upper lip to the base of the columella. 

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