Can rhinoplasty cause rosacea?

I had rhinoplasty 9 months ago and uptil now everything was fine. 2 weeks ago I noticed these red spots on my cheeks near the nose. I couldn't find Rosex so i got MetniV (metronidazole usp 0.75%) and hydrocortisone 1%. Mixed them both in same amount and started using it. it worked, after a week my face skin was back to normal so i quit using it. then after 5 days the red spots came back. PLEASE HELP! is it rhinoplasty's side effect? how can i get rid of it forever?

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Rosacea needs medical treatment and is not related to Rhinoplasty

Thank you for your question. A rosacea outbreak 9 months after rhinoplasty is unlikely related to the rhinoplasty. I recommend that you consult a dermatologist for proper medical management of your rosacea. Rosaclear and possibly IPL treatments should help you

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