Is Asymmetry Because of Swelling After Rhinoplasty Cast Removal? (photo)

I had an implant placed on top(cause my bone structure was too thin to shave down the top/sides)and nostrils/tip taken in. When I got my cast off the cast had squished everything up and narrow and I hated it!Its day 2 of cast removal and swelling dec so it doesn't look squished any longer.But my nostrils are asymmetrical.When the splint was on nostrils were symmetrical.Is it because the swelling is different on each side?And should I be worried that I hated it when they took of the splint?

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Is Asymmetry Because of Swelling After Rhinoplasty Cast Removal? (photo)

   You appear to be extremely swollen, and swelling in the early postoperative period is rarely symmetric.  You will have to ask your surgeon about anything more specific as preoperative pictures are not provided, and it is difficult to know exactly what was done during your procedure.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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