Is It Okay to Get Rhinoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?

Is it safe for me to combine these two procedure at the same time? Thanks in advance for any answer

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Rhinoplasty and butt lift together?

For positioining considerations, time, potential cross contamination of bacteria from the nose and other general safety issues, I would personally not think this is safe to do together.

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Getting a rhinoplasty at the same time as a Brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure that can improve the contour of your butt and increase its size. This procedure is often done in combination with other aesthetic surgical procedures. When combining procedures, it is important to keep in mind what the recovery process of each procedure entails. After a Brazilian butt lift, the patient is asked not to lie on their back and to avoid putting pressure on the gluteal region. After a rhinoplasty, patients are asked to remain in a seated position with their head elevated. Although a rhinoplasty may easily be done at the same time as a Brazilian butt lift, patients should keep in mind the different post operative instructions for each procedure. In our practice we have performed these two procedures in the same setting successfully. Patients also appreciate the importance we place on digital photography and morphing your pictures before your surgery so that the patient can have an idea of what they may look like afterwards. This is essential in surgeries such as rhinoplasty and a Brazilian butt lift. Digital morphing is the patient an idea of what to expect and is a very important communication tool between the patient and the surgeon in these procedures.

Your best bet is to discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience in rhinoplasty and and body contouring surgery such as liposuction, fat grafting and Brazilian butt lifts.

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Brazilian butt lift

i recommend doing these two distinct operations with opposing positions for recovery to be performed in two sessions.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
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Advisability of having a Nose Job and Brazilian Butt Lift (Liposuction Fat Transfer to Buttocks) at the same time

Regarding: "Is It Okay to Get Rhinoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?
Is it safe for me to combine these two procedure at the same time? Thanks in advance for any answer

Great question. You OBVIOUSLY thought this one through and are seeking validation. After all, how logical is it to move furniture and lean book cases against freshly painted walls?

A Brazilian Butt lift requires liposuction from multiple areas (to gather enough of a volume to transfer) and ends with the patient lying on her tummy while the fat is precisely grafted into multiple small tunnels in her buttocks. After the operation, to assure maximum fat survival, we ask the patients NOT to lie or sit on the grafted buttock areas for 10-14 days.

In a nose surgery, we often break the nose bones to make the nose narrower and shape the tip cartilages. The nose is then splinted with tape and a plastic cast to immobilize the structures as healing takes place.

HOW can these two operations be done safely together without undoing the work of one?
- it is NOT safe to have a sleeping patient lay on her freshly operated nose for a few hours while her buttock is being grafted
- is it logical to graft the buttocks first and then have the patient lay on them for a few hours while the nose is being operated upon.

Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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No, you can't get a nose job and buttock augmentation at the same time

You can not have a rhinoplasty and buttock agumentation at the same time since during your buttock augmentation recovery you need to stay on your abdomen (facing down) for one week, which will harm your rhinoplasty result.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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Nose Job and Buttock Augmentation Combo

I actually perform this combination a fair amount. Many patients that want buttock augmentation are young and therefore may have a bump on their nose bridge or wide nostrils.  What I like is that since I specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty and buttock fat transfer, it is especially rewarding to me. Many of the patients that desire the brazilian or S-Curve Buttock Lift are actually ethnic patients who could benefit from nasal shaping as well.

The only caveat to this is that you will not be able to lay on your stomach during the initial two week recovery period which is OK in most patients. Buttock shaping with fat and tummy tucks are also another common combination and the same thing goes there.  However, in patients that do not have that much fat to transfer and who are relatively thin, I do like to divide the surgeries into to surgeries because I want every tiny bit of fat cells a chance to live and thrive without any compression from laying on the buttocks.  In those patients, it may be best to do two surgeries. However, if there is a good amount of donor fat cells, then it probably does not make a difference in the end result of either operation.

Hope this was helpful.

Ashkan Ghavami, MD
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I would not

I would not do them at the same time - positioning is one issue --- after doing your nose who wants to put you on your stomach. Also - with a nose job - it is not sterile surgery and if bacteria circulate in your blood stream, they could contaminate the injected fat and cause an infection. It's not worth the risk.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Rhinoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lift

Combining procedures is quite common in plastic surgery and even on markedly different areas.  There usually aren't issues with this unless one procedure affects how the other is performed.  The issues you need to understand in the combination of a Brazilian Butt Lift and a rhinoplasty are related to your recovery and positioning restrictions.  You normally want to be in an elevated position for your rhinoplasty recovery but you need to limit the time you spend sitting with a Brazilian Lift. There are the obvious benefits re: anesthesia, but you also must consider the risks.  This sounds like a reasonable combination assuming your health is good and you've had an appropriate evaluation. Best of luck Vincent Marin, MD, FACS La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

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Considerations in combining rhinoplasty and buttock augmentation

While it may seem like an odd combination, there is nothing wrong with doing these two very different operations together. (technically three if you include the harvest of the fat by liposuction) As long as your plastic surgeon is comfortable with the sequence and time length of the procedures, and you are in good health, they certainly can be performed at the same time. The key question, however, is whether you want to recover from the combined sequelae and the temporary discomfort that comes from each one of these operations. Because of these factors and the time to do both, I would have the patient stay in the facility overnite for their comfort and medical monitoring. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Brazilian Butt lift and Rhinoplasty (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

In general, I would have a difficult time conceiving of the positioning. I would typically leave obtain the fat, rotate you on your stomach, perform the fat injections, and then have to rotate you on your back to then perform the nose. This would likely take a minimum of 6 hours and likely more.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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