Will Rhinoplasty Make a Big Difference to my Nose?

Thank you for the info and help. Do you think, judging from my photo, will there be a significant change? I've heard it takes a while for some changes to occur after. My nose is grand when you look at me straight. The side profile on one side is different on the other hand..thats the issue and thats what's in the photo. I do realise it is all in the surgeon you choose. I have found a reputable surgeon who is expert and very much qualified. Thanks

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Discuss nasal changes you desire with your surgeon. #rhinoplasty

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I recommend you decide three things you dislike about your nose, and then discuss these with your surgeon. Some surgeons have video imaging equipment available and are able to show you potential changes to your nose after surgery. In my practice, I have found that post-operative patients are surprised that "no one noticed" they had a rhinoplasty. This is a complement because the nose now fits their face and does not have an "operated" look. Rhinoplasty surgery will refine your nose and address the things you do not like about it, but don't expect others to notice! It will, however, make a big difference in how you feel about your nose!

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Rhino change

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Looking at your picture I think you are a great candidate for a rhinoplasty. You will see an immediate improvement from the bony work on the dorsum of your nose. If the tip is pretty good at present, than hopefully only minimal work needs to be done here, and swellig should be mostly gone in 2 to 4 weeks. It is important to know that if a hump is removed it is almost always necessary to do osteotomies to get rid of any flat (open book deformity ) look over the dorsum of the nose. Again this should look good in 2 to 4 weeks

Rhinoplasty can make a Subtle or Major change to the Nose and Face

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Hi MsFunnyFace, Yes, rhinoplasty will change the appearance of the nose and face, as it's the goal of external nasal surgery to modify the nose. In addition, while some changes to the nose are readily apparent after rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons typically advised their patients to wait at least one year to appreciate "final" results. Based on the single photograph, your nasal bump can be reduced with rhinoplasty which will improve the profile view primarily. Rhinoplasty is not one operation, but rather many potential operations that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a rhinoplasty surgeon help determine appropriate options for you . Best of luck. Dr. Chaboki

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Rhinoplasty Results

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I believe that you will have a very positive result from your rhinoplasty.  If you have found reputable surgeon with good experience with noses like yours that is even better.  Enjoy your new nose.

Dr. ES

Rhinoplasty Make a Big Difference to my Nose

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Thanks for posting a photo. Yes you will have a much better appearance after a rhinoplasty. Go a head to get it done if you are comfortable with your chosen surgeon. 

In rhinoplasty if the difference is important to you...

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With cosmetic surgery and often in nasal shaping we focus on differences and imperfections which don't trouble those around us. Sometimes even after a procedure friends my note that you appear confident and well though they cannot pick out the changes. Even small changes in a nose can make a big difference to an individual. If you can't get it off your mind, the result is likely to be worth the effort.

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