Rhinoplasty: Before and After Picture, is Fake or Not?

Hello, looking at pictures of before and after rhinoplasties, I found a case that surprised me, I wonder if you who know about it, could you tell me if the image is fake (with programs like Photoshop can edit it) or it is true, because I've never seen a refinement like that. Thanks a lot

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Before and after pictures

I think it was photoshop'd because the right photo has a higher vertical dimension but lower horizontal dimension than the left photo. If it was simply magnified both dimensions should be larger assuming only rhinoplasty surgery was performed. The photo was squeezed vertically as well as possibly other manipulations to make it look better.

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Rhinoplasty: Before and After Picture, is Fake or Not?

I agree with my colleagues that it is difficult to say. There are software programs that can ferret out whether images have been digitally modified by analyzing the image file. This is an impressive result and certainly within the realm of possibility. However, it is quite a dramatic change. I hope this information is helpful.

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Rhinoplasty before and after

It is difficult to say whether this is photoshopped or not.  If not it is very impressive.  Hard to say. In general for a wide and flat African-American nose, a dorsal onlay graft is key.

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Real or fake before and after photos

That is indeed an impressive degree of improvement shown in the photo. But Dr. Fleming is correct--it's impossible to tell in many cases whether the result is real or digitally morphed. Most surgeons, of course, would only use actual photos of their actual patients, but there are always a few less scrupulous docs who will fraudulently represent their results. Consider, too, that even without Photoshop, there are many camera/lighting/positioning tricks to make "after" photos look better than they actually are. You'd have to either meet with other patients of that doctor's, or otherwise look for clues that would indicated the doc is being honest or deceptive.


Interesting case!


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Fake Before and After Pictures

You raise an excellent question. It is impossible to tell if the "after" picture is real. It certainly is easier to photoshop than it is to do the surgery. If you do not know the surgeon  you can ask to see some of that physician's patients.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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