What Rhinoplasty approach should the doctor perform for my large nose and bulbous tip? (photos)

My name is Seth, 24. I got a very bulbous tip and a very large nose whenever i smile. Having a weak chin also makes my nose bigger. I would do both but my real concern is what should the doctor do for me to have a proportional face? Based on self-study i would suggest a darix graft? Its something that connects the nose to the forehead. And also alar and tiplasty. i can't decide if which looks natural. The curve or the straight nose? Please help me! I like a hollywood star look result.

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Profile deficiencies

It is very important for you to be evaluated by a surgeon skilled in facial analysis.  While a rhinoplasty will be very helpful for you, your facial profile is insufficient in the lower jaw region.  In your case, orthodontic and surgical management of the mandible might be best.  If this is too much for you, chin surgery might be an exceptable compromise (along with the rhinoplasty).  Again, obtain a consultation with a surgeon not only qualified in rhinoplasty surgery, but also lower facial surgery.

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