I Had 1 Rhinoplasty and 1 Revision 15 Years Ago, Too Late for Steroid Injections to Help?

I had 1 rhinoplasty and 1 revision 15 years ago. I have a slight pollybeak and am wondering if it's too late for steroid injections. If so, is there anything else, besides more surgery, that can reduce swelling at this point? It seems like my nose has gotten more swollen in the past year...is this possible?

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Pollybeak after Primary and Revision Rhinoplasty

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Steroids may help but they are more effective when injected shortly after surgery. If you have a true pollybeak you probably will need another revision procedure to increase your tip projection and/or reduce the fullness above your tip.

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Effects of aging on your nose

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Steroids are unlikely to help a deformity that has developed long after the last rhinoplasty surgery. Steroids are more useful for abnormal scar tissue formation or persistent swelling in the nose during the early recovery after rhinoplasty. If you have a pollybeak or fullness in the supratip area (area just above the tip) that has developed this long after surgery, it is probably due to aging and changes in skin thickness that are altering the appearance of your nose. If this is concerning you, you should see a board certified plastic surgeon that performs revision rhinoplasty to see what options are available to you to address your concerns.

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