Can I Get Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Age15?

I've done research in full depth and I believe I'm ready, however I need to clear up a few things. I'd like to make sure that 15 (female) is a suitable age and is safe, will I have future complications if I proceed with this operation? Also, I want to make sure my plastic surgeon isn't out to get my money and wants to actually help me, also he mentioned a chin implant may be required, is it safe and am I ready for that too? And will my results change as I get older?

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Teenage Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

The most important issue about rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at age 15 is that you have parental consent. Both procedures are safe and effective and are appropriate at age 15 if both the nose and the chin necessitate it. But this comes down to your parents and the plastic surgeon agreeing that it is so.

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Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation as Teenager

Most chin augmentation  as well as rhinoplasty procedures are done on adults when final chin growth is finished. However in certain cases of malocclusion and undergrowth that is severe a chin augmentation may be warranted The reason we recommend waiting is to not intefere with potential growth which can cause deformity as well  as to have a long term predictable result.

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Can I Get Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Age15?

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your post. While you can get a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at age 15 with your parents' consent, I would need to see photos to give specific recommendations.

Best Wishes, 

Pablo PRichard, MD

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Correct age for rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty with or without a chin implant should not be performed until full skeletal maturity. This is at about age 16 in girls and and age 17 in boys. If surgery is done before the bones of the face are fully developed, there can be a negative consequences.

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Can I Get Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Age15?

 For the very reasons, you have should take your parents and have several consultations with experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons experienced in Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants.  I have performed Rhinoplasty with Chin Implant placement of 15 year olds but they were able to convince me that they understood the serious nature of surgery on an adult level.  Please share this answer with your parents.

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