Rhinoplasty After Steven Johnson's Syndrome Safe?

In 2006 I had Steven Johnson's syndrome and the doctor told me it was from the sulfa medication I was taking but may have been caused by the Ibuprofen I was also taking at the same time. The doctor that is doing my nose job said he usually gives his patients ketorolac along with penicillin based antibiotics and narcotic pain medication. My question is : Is it safe to have the surgery without the ketorolac? I don't want to take any medication that has SJS listed as a possible side effect.

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Rhinoplasty after having Steven Johnson's Syndrome

It shouldn't be an issue for your rhinoplasty surgeon to avoid using sulfa-based medications and ketorolac. Just make sure he's aware of your prior history.

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Rhinoplasty after SJS

As long as you avoid Sulfa antibiotics you should be OK.  Use of Toradol (ketorolac) is definitely optional and can be omitted.

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