Rhinoplasty After Septoplasty & Nasal Reduction

I broke my nose and had a nasal reduction to manipulate the bones back in place and a septoplasty for a deviated septum. While my nose is nice and straight now, I seem to have developed a bump on the bridge. I went back and saw the surgeon and he said it is most likely still a bit swollen (it has been 4-5 weeks) but if i didnt go away he could 'shave' it down. If this doesnt improve how long would i have to wait before doing that? I am happy with all other aspects of my nose except for this bump.

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Bump after septoplasty and nasal reduction

Any irregularities across the bridge of the nose are quite common after nasal fracture reduction or osteotomies. Very tiny irregularities can be addressed through a revision rhinoplasty at approximately six months if it only involves some mild rasping. Usually it is best to wait a full year before undergoing any revision nasal surgery to allow all swelling to subside, especially if the irregularities on the bridge are rather large and they involve dorsal refinement.  

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Nasal rhinoplasty revision after broken fractured nose.

Depending on the instability of the fracture as well as the nasal comminution (degree of fracture), rasping of the nasal dorsum to refine the bump could be carried out as early as 6 months alhough it would be preferable to wait 12 months.

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Rhinoplasty After Septoplasty & Nasal Reduction


It is still very soon after your procedure. At this point, it would be best to listen to the advice of your surgeon, as he/she knows the extent of your surgery and exactly what was performed. Swelling after rhinoplasty may last from 18-24 months, and the final result will not be evident until that time. Before you consider having any revision work performed, it would be a good idea to wait at least one year. Thank you, and I hope this helps answer your question.

Dr. Nassif

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Bump on Bridge after Rhinoplasty for Treatment of Nasal Fracture

Your surgeon has provided excellent advice. If the bump does not resolve over the next 6 months he can remove the residual fullness with a minor revision.

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Consider surgery in about 6 months if you still have a bump.

It is very possible that you indeed still have swelling. I have seen very hard, almost bone-like swelling, that resolves over time. Give it 6 months, or so, and if the bump is still there, it is relatively easy to remove. Sounds like you have a great surgeon, so leave the timing decision to them. Best of luck.

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Bony callus formation after nasal fracture

For a closed reduction of a nasal fracture, waiting a year is probably overly conservative. Oftentimes a nasal fracture will heal with a small bony callus, similar to what you seem to be describing. While some of this may remodel and come down over time, 6 months is probably reasonable to reassess a patient's nose and consider minor corrective procedures if the only thing being addressed is a bony callus.

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Bump After Rhinoplasty

One month after a rhinoplasty is too early to consider a revision.  Close follow up with your surgeon can help determine the cause of the bump and what the solution is.  Many issues with swelling and asymmetry will improve in the subsequent months after rhinoplasty so patience is critical in the early healing phases.

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Revision Rhinoplasty Timing After Prior Reduction Procedure

At 4-5 weeks following your procedure, you are definitely too early to consider revision surgery. Make sure you keep in close contact with your surgeon over the next several months to determine how things are evolving with the dorsal bump. There is a chance that this might simply heal on its own with time. If not, your surgeon may consider a rasping procedure that can be done in a minimally invasive fashion. However, this would have to wait around 9-12 months before being done in my opinion.

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Revision rhinoplasty surgery timing

It is always best to wait close to a year after having a previous nasal surgery before going back in to do any additional work including something small like filing a hump down. It is best to not disrupt the healing process of the rest of the nose prior to that time.

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Ramaining bump 5 weeks post rhinoplasty

Wait is my one word answer.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, to arrive at the best choice for your particular needs, as every patient differs.

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