Bad Open Rhinoplasty Revision

1 month ago I had revision done(2xopen rhinoplasty). My problems were not resolved. I have 2 clearly visible incision underneath, AND something I can not explain-looks like the skin permannetly attached to the bone underneath, I can not move it at all. I guess my surgeon wanted to put a filler too, but missed area and now I have 2 decreased areas on my nose, big bruise 1,5CM, and a bump next to it. I am crying quite often now, especially that I am dealing with 20 clients daily. What caused that?

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Unhappy with Bad Revision Rhinoplasty

Hi Flower, I am sorry for your bad experiences.

There is hope. Please do not let anyone put fillers in your nose. Use camouflage until 1 year after surgery. The best option is to have your own tissues such as cartilage or Fascia placed. This assures the best long term outcome. Please see someone with passion for rhinoplasty and dedication to achieve most natural and best long-term result for you. See the most recent eference below that shows you the problems with artificial materials in the nose. Best Wishes

Sajjadian, Ali M.D., et al. Current Status of Grafts and Implants in Rhinoplasty: Part II. Homologous Grafts and Allogenic Implants Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery:
March 2010 - Volume 125 - Issue 3 - pp 99e-109e doi: 10.1097/PRS.0b013e3181cb662f

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Rhinoplasty revision (nose job) gone bad

This is diffcult to assess online. It sounds as if your skin is adherent to the underlying bone. Generally, it is best to allow the scar to mature and to become less adherent as the scar mature with shear and stress forces such as topical massage. Eventually, you may require some sort of graft or implant such as Alloderm or Gortex (controversial) to provide soft tissue bulk and to camouflage the irregularity. However, there are multiple potential solutions. Although it may be diffcult to wait, I believe that is in your best interest. Wait at least one year and then consider seeing a rhinoplasty specialist.

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Concerns 1 month post-op

It is extremely difficult to answer your questions without seeing your photos or examining you – it would be very helpful to post images showing your areas of concern

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Bad Open Rhinolasty Revision

Right now, be patient - it sounds like you had your revision in the recent past. See a good aethetician to learn camouflage make-up to help you with your appearance in your personal life and when dealing with your clients. If you're not satisfied one year after surgery, consult with an experienced revision surgeon.

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